Pilot - The Universal Translator

Connecting with people should be simple and meaningful, no matter what language you speak. With Pilot's smart earpiece, that's now possible.


We'll decorate a neighborhood of Starbucks according to the 21 countries represented by Pilot.


Our motion-activated billboard speaks in "alien" and continues in English. See script.

“Glorbenshtorg! Gazigoop piffajeb, koosharak. Say, is this thing even on? Ugh, finally! You humans are so slow sometimes! So this is what you do, huh? Stare at screens. Stand around. Wait for buses. And you only talk to people who speak your language, right? Hehe. Then you should probably get this earpiece widgimigoo. Otherwise you won’t be able to understand my beautiful prose next time we speak. Like I’d ever speak to you again. Well, here comes your bus... Made you look! It’ll be here in 12-15 minutes.”

CW/AD Aaron Davidoff

Designer Liana Winternitz